Ellie's Portfolio

This is Ellie

With 6+ years experience in Software Development she can design and develop a huge range of websites, games and apps from e-commerce to social networks, blogs and role playing games.

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What makes Ellie different is the fact that she only takes on one project at a time. This means she can dedicate her full attention to each project delivering brilliant results every time.

Web Development

With everything from design to deployment and beyond Ellie provides a fast and extensive web development service.

Modern Technology

Utilising the very best of new cutting edge technology ensures that your project will run as fast, efficiently and as securely as possible.

Responsive Design

Each web project is designed with responsiveness at its core. Websites can be viewed from anywhere; Ellie will make sure your site looks good everywhere.

With Love

Ellie loves web development and the proof is in the pudding. Each project is crafted with beautiful, maintainable and robust code.



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